TSA and Malt Extract


Dipslide for detection of Bacteria and Fungi – 10 dipslides per box

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Part Number: D-B/FM

Physical Characteristic: This media is yellow in color on both sides


Dipslides are used to monitor microbiological growth in industrial and process fluids. Changes in population density should be taken into consideration when treatment levels are being determined.

The Dipslide technique permits the user to obtain a semi-quantitative results of bacteria and yeast cells present in the fluids tested. Mould levels are reported as nil, low, moderate, or heavy contamination as counts are not meaningful as a measure of mould contamination.

Fungal (Yeast and Mold) contamination of fluids, ranging from cooling fluids to petroleum products, present serious problems to the industry. The Dipslide technique is recommended for the detection, isolation, and enumeration of yeasts and molds. Mold colonies are fuzzy and levels are reported as low, moderate or heavy contamination.

Type of medium:

  1. Tryptic Soy Agar with TTC. (TSA) and
  2. Malt Extract Agar