Biocide Efficacy Testing

Kill Studies

Choosing the right biocide chemistry for your application is critical to the integrity of your system. Whether you are applying a biocide for a hydraulic fracturing operation, a water injection system, batch treating a production well, or another upstream biocide application, BTS can help evaluate and perform testing to allow you to identify the most effective biocide chemistries.

In addition to traditional bench top planktonic bacteria (free floating) biocide testing, BTS can also preform sessile (biofilm bacteria) biocide studies utilizing Modified Robbins Devices. Biocide chemistries can have different levels of effectiveness when evaluated against sessile bacteria versus planktonic.

We use your unique fluids and bacteria:

Many factors can influence a biocide’s performance when applied in a given system. Some of these factors include total dissolved solids (TDS) %, iron content, pH, types of bacteria present, temperature, other production and completion chemicals, surface area, formation chemistry, and chemical contact time. At Biotechnology Solutions we strive to replicate the system environment you are treating as closely as possible utilizing your unique system chemistry and parameters. Optimal studies can be performed utilizing the actual system water and the native species of deleterious bacteria you are targeting.

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