Distributors Wanted!

Would you like to be a distributor for Biotechnology Solutions?

We manufacture Bacterial Growth Media and offer services used to test for microbiological influenced corrosion (M.I.C) in the oil and gas industry.

Recently, our organization made a decision to add new international distributors to our sales force.

Our brochure (under the ‘about’ tab) extensively outlines the products and services we offer. BTS has been serving the bacterial growth industry for 8 years and each of our products and services hold its own successful sales records. Not only do we offer superior products, but we also offer the kind of solid expertise and technical support that should be expected from an industry leading provider.

Our goal is to consistently provide quality products and services at competitive prices.

All of our media products are produced in accordance with N.A.C.E. (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) standard TM0 194-2014 for oil and gas system bacterial monitoring. All of our anaerobic media, such as our media for the detection of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), are made under strict anaerobic conditions utilizing anaerobic chambers. All critical quality control parameters such as redox potential, total dissolved solids concentration, pH, etc, are closely monitored.

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