Anaerobic Phenol Red Dextrose (ANP)


Bacterial Growth Media for the Detection of Anaerobic Acid Producing Bacteria


Part Number: ANP-%

Physical Characteristic: This anaerobic media is red in color

Positive Reaction : Turbid and yellow


  • The NACE standard (TM0194-2014) media for the detection of Anaerobic Acid Producing Bacteria (anAPB) as well as General Anaerobic Bacteria(GAB) in oil and gas systems


  • Biotechnology Solutions anaerobic bacterial growth media is manufactured inside custom built anaerobic chambers to ensure the highest quality media products


  • This media will change colors from red to orange/yellow. The color change is also accompanied by visible turbidity or biomass in the media

Additional information

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0.5%, Custom, 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 10%, 15%, 20%


Case (288 Vials), Field Case (12 Vials), Flat (96 Vials), 1 Liter Bottle