Thiosulfate Reducing Bacterial Broth

TRB media was designed to target a particular group of microorganisms that prefer to use thiosulfate instead of sulfate as the final electron acceptor. The presence of thiosulfate in oil and gas system has increased over the last years due to chemical reactions that involve H2S and O2, or by electrochemical dissolution of MnS in stainless steel structures.. Some sulfate reducing bacteria have the ability of using thiosulfate as well, since it can be formed as an intermediate during their metabolism, but this particular media is recommended for a more specific group that bases most of its metabolic processes on thiosulfate.


Frequently asked questions

1- Can I use TRB as a substitute of MPB/API?

It is not recommended to use TRB as a substitute for MPB or API since it is more restrictive and not many sulfate reducing bacteria will react well to the chemicals and nutrients in this media.

2- How should I know if I need this media for my system?

Both sulfate-reducing bacteria and thiosulfate reducing bacteria will produce H2S with the potential of forming the “black precipitant” of iron sulfide that is formed in oil and gas systems as an indicator of microbial corrosion. If iron sulfide is visible in your system but MPB or API vials do not show bacterial growth nor the black reaction, perhaps there is a possibility of thiosulfate-reducing bacteria being present in your system.

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