Thioglycolate Broth

This media is manufactured following the NACE standard (TMO194-2014) for the detection of general anaerobic bacteria in the oil and gas industry. This media is slightly viscous and yellow in color. It is made of very common and basic nutrients that most anaerobic microorganisms will use for their metabolism. It will turn turbid if general anaerobic bacteria are present. One of the main ingredients of this media is sodium thioglycolate which consumes oxygen and allows obligate anaerobes to grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

1-Can this media be used for the detection of SRB?

No, this media should not be used for the detection of SRB. Even though SRB are anaerobic, they also require more complex nutrients than the ones provided by TGB. Only general anaerobic bacteria will grow in this media.

2-I just received my TGB media but I noticed it has a light pink color on the surface, why?

Every single batch of bacterial media manufactured at Biotechnology Solutions TX is submitted to rigorous quality checks before they are shipped out to our customers. In some cases, a light pink color is formed at the surface by residual oxygen interacting with sodium thioglycolate. This layer eventually disappears once all the oxygen is consumed. The media can be normally used even if the light pink color hasn’t fully disappeared yet because the oxygen has been already bound to the thioglycolate turning it completely inactive.

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