Standard Bacterial Nutrient Broth

This media is manufactured following the NACE standard (TMO194-2014) for the detection of general heterotrophic bacteria under aerobic conditions in the oil and gas industry. This media is slightly yellow in color and has very common and basic nutrients that most microorganisms will use for their metabolism. It is a very simple media designed to give a very general view of the aerobic bacterial community in a particular system or environment. It will turn turbid as a positive indicator of bacterial presence.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1- Does this media specifically detects bacteria that cause MIC?

No, this media is not specific for any kind of bacteria that is known for participating during the process of MIC. This media will allow many different kinds of bacteria to grow. For example, you may have acid-producing bacteria in your system but you could also have other kinds of bacteria that do not cause corrosion at all, so this media will let all these different kinds to grow together providing them the nutrients they need.

2-Can acid-producing bacteria (APB) grow in this media?

Yes, they can grow in this media but there won’t be any color change that provides evidence they are in fact acid producing bacteria. It is always better to use PRD since it has been designed for the identification of acid producing bacteria.

3-Can I use PRD instead of SBN for the detection of general heterotrophic bacteria?

Yes, PRD can be used for the detection of general heterotrophic bacteria. PRD vials won’t show any color change; just turbidity, if there are general heterotrophic bacteria.

4- Why should I use this media if it doesn’t detect specific bacteria that cause MIC?

This media should be used side-by-side with PRD if there is a need to know what percentage of the total aerobic population is acid producing bacteria and which percentage is not. For example, if after performing a serial dilution of both media with the same sample the SBN vials show a concentration of approximately 104 (10,000) bacterial cells and the PRD vials show a concentration of approximately 103 (1,000) bacterial cells, it can be implied that approximately 10% of the total bacterial population in your system is acid-producing bacteria while the other 90% is general heterotrophic bacteria.

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