QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W™)


Quench-Gone21 Wastewater – 100 tests (50 samples)



QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W) is the key to a new level of efficiency in biological wastewater treatment plant operation! QG21W provides the ability to measure the size of the living biomass population (Cellular ATP, cATP), its relative health (Biomass Stress Index, BSI), and suspended solids activity (Active Biomass Ratio, ABR) at any point in the process. Use this information to manage return sludge pumping rates, air and nutrient dosages, and to proactively identify and eliminate toxicity.

The QG21W test kit is designed for testing Bioreactors & Associated Processes:

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Processes
  • Activated Sludge, Lagoons & MBR’s
  • Raw Influent & Treated Effluent
  • Biosolids, Soils & Attached-growth Media