Maximum Recovery Media

Maximum recovery Media (MRM) is a media designed for the detection of certain strains of SRB that utilize organic acids as a main carbon source and are quite predominant in the West Texas area. It looks like MPB, but its extra amount of organic acids and oxygen scavengers make it more effective in maximizing the potential recovery of SRB.


Frequently Asked Questions

1-Is it possible for an MRM vial to turn positive by exposing it to oxygen?

No, a MRM vial will never turn black just by exposing it oxygen. The only mechanism that could turn a vial black is by SRB metabolic activity or by a high concentration of H2S. Even other anaerobic bacteria that could potentially grow in this media will never turn it black since they won’t produce the necessary chemicals for the positive reaction to occur. If oxygen gets inside the vial, the media will turn purple for a short period of time until all the oxygen inside the vial is consumed and inactivated. However, expired vials have the potential of turning slightly yellow due to iron oxidation.

2- My system is not in West Texas, should I consider ordering MRM?

Yes, even if your system is not in the West Texas area you could try using MRM. It is recommended to use MRM side by side with MPB to compare and see if there is a difference in the growth rate. If both media turn black at the same time and show the same concentration, then there is no need to use MRM since MPB is more than enough for the SRB growing in your system.

3- Can I incubate this media at high temperatures in order to mimic the conditions I find in my system?

Yes, MRM can be incubated at higher temperatures if needed. There are some SRB species that thrive under high temperatures so it is understandable to incubate them under conditions that mimic their natural habitat as closely as possible. Most chemicals will remain functional at high temperatures; however, at around 60°C some will become less effective causing the growth rate to slow down and even accelerating the expiration time of the vials. If you plan on changing the incubation parameters from the ones recommended by the manufacturer and NACE standards, please contact a Biotechnology Solutions TX representative to guide you during the inoculation and incubation processes.


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