Iron Oxidizing Bacterial Broth

The Iron Oxidizing Bacterial Broth is manufactured following the NACE standard TMO194-2014 for the detection of iron oxidizing bacteria. This particular media is orange in color and will turn dark brown and turbid if it becomes inoculated with iron oxidizing bacteria. This media is manufactured under anaerobic conditions and has being designed to target a group of iron oxidizers that inhabit micro-aerobic zones in water or in sediments. Biotechnology Solutions TX has also developed an alternative for another group of iron oxidizers that thrive under acidic conditions and are strictly aerobic. This media is slightly white and turbid, but it’ll become bright orange after being inoculated with the right kind of iron oxidizers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1-How do I know which kind of IOB media is better for me?

Both kinds of IOB target completely different groups of bacteria, so knowing the conditions of your system will help out to decide which one is the best option. If your system is miles below the surface and oxygen is not abundant it probably means your best bet is with our neutrophilic, anaerobic media. If you plan on collection water samples from a river or a lake that have been exposed to acid mine drainage your best option is the acidic, aerobic media. If you still don’t know which option is the best, please call a Biotechnology Solutions TX representative for a more in-depth explanation of both media.

2- The anaerobic IOB I inoculated has turn turbid but I am not sure if there is a color change. How can I know for sure the vial is positive?

It is very understandable to be unsure if there is a color change considering the nature of the media. The first thing to do will be to save a vial before the inoculation to keep it as a negative control. That vial will become a point of reference for potential color change from the inoculated vials. Any shade darker than the control could indicate the presence of iron oxidizing bacteria. Also, keep track of the time and the temperature during the incubation since the color could drastically change in a short period of time.

3- Can these kinds of media be contaminated easily?

Since one of the media is anaerobic and the other is very acidic, it is very difficult for contaminants to survive in these media for a prolonged period of time. However, if you are not sure your anaerobic IOB became contaminated, always compare its color to a negative vial. The color change will become your best guide when deciding whether or not your media is contaminated or not.

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